Helping families thrive through transition

For families who’ve enjoyed great success, amassed significant wealth, had outsized influence, the questions can be both energizing and, sometimes, a little unnerving:

What does it mean to be a family of means?

What value do you place on values?

How do you pass the torch to the next generation, while still honoring the past?

In short: What comes next?

A Family Education and Advisory Firm

We’re an education and advisory firm helping families and family-owned businesses collaboratively navigate significant transitions at the intersections of family, wealth, and values

We’re skilled coaches, experienced facilitators, and family educators

Who We Advise

Families and family-owned businesses looking to collaboratively navigate meaningful transitions at the intersections of family, wealth, and values

We have a shared commitment to cohesion, collaboration, and communication.

What We’re Thinking

We’ve curated resources — some contemporary, others centuries-old — as a jumping off point for learning more about the intersections of life, family, money and meaning.

We’ve developed a unique approach that prioritizes process over endpoint, flexibility over certainty. We offer a variety of services for the families we work with.

How can we help your family navigate its big changes?

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