LK Advisors engages, educates, and empowers families to navigate meaningful transitions
and live out their deeply held values in daily life.

What We Do

LK Advisors is an education and advisory firm, offering families a custom roadmap for experiential learning.

Our strength-based curricula, developed by award winning educators, focus on three core roles: individual, family member, and heir. We build capacity for individuals and their broader families to capably meet the opportunities and complexities inherent in those intersecting roles, using a process that’s interactive, fun, and impactful. Through our approach, families develop concrete skills, measurable knowledge, and an authentic process that promotes thoughtfulness, alignment, and cohesion across generations.

LK’s curricular offerings include:

Money & Meaning, for nuclear and smaller extended families, to tackle important transitions in family life, work, and wealth.Mosaic, for multi-generational families – often, the owners and heirs of a family-owned business – to learn a paradigm of stewardship and effective communication across their various roles and responsibilities.Family Means, for emerging adults developing knowledge and skills to capably engage the work of life.

LK uses these curricula as the building blocks of its highly customized educational process, focusing in the realms of History, Work, Love, and Legacy:

In History, by helping families uncover their stories, build cohesion, and learn from one another’s experiences.In Work, by teaching family members to recognize and value work, in all its forms.In Love, through skill-building to strengthen relationships and tackle complex topics.And in Legacy, by guiding family members toward meaning and impact that extends across generations.

Who We Are

We are a highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team of educators and advisors, coaches and creators, counselors and curriculum nerds. We bring expertise in family systems, developmental psychology, financial education, family-owned business advising, meaningful gaming, and wisdom traditions to each of our customized engagements.

Elizabeth Kieff & Tom Levinson, Principals

Elizabeth Kieff is a psychiatrist with nearly 15 years of experience as a clinician, educator, coach, and mentor. In her clinical practice, Elizabeth is a generalist with specific expertise in the care of emerging adults working with individuals, groups, and families. Before moving into private practice, Elizabeth spent a decade as a psychiatrist and the Dean of Students at the University of Chicago Pritzker School Of Medicine, where she created a multi-disciplinary Wellness Curriculum designed to help medical students grow personally and professionally.

A Chicago native and Hyde Park enthusiast, Elizabeth hails from a family of therapists, educators, school guidance counselors, and U.S. military veterans. She was a University Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania and received her M.D. from the University of Chicago.

Tom Levinson has spent much of his professional life working with and advising families and family-owned businesses. He is a partner at Park Piedmont Advisors, LLC (PPA), an independent, family-owned, fiduciary, investment advisory firm. As a family advisor, Tom guides families toward thoughtful, long-term uses of their financial resources based on their values and histories, navigating the opportunities and complexities that wealth creates within families. Tom is also a writer whose work on religion, values, and American life has been featured in national magazines, major newspapers, and on TV and radio.

A Manhattan native who, since 2000, has been proud to call Chicago home, Tom serves as a board member of Interfaith Youth Core, the Religion News Foundation, and the Leadership Greater Chicago Fellows Board. Tom is a cum laude graduate of Princeton University, and received a Master’s of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School and J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School.

Tom and Elizabeth explore the meaning of money on a daily basis with their son and daughter.

Renée Montoya Lado, Senior Advisor

Renée Montoya Lado is a Senior Advisor at LK Advisors, as well as the founder and President of Strategic Designs for Learning. Renee is a family business advisor and organizational development practitioner with forty years of strategic leadership experience and consulting with small, mid-range and large companies in the manufacturing, corporate real estate, hospitality, technology, and insurance industries. She is accomplished in executive coaching, counseling and assessment, organizational behavior and diagnosis, change management, facilitation in the areas of team building, strategic planning, and large systems change in both the public and private sectors.

Renée holds advanced degrees in Policy Analysis and Pastoral Psychotherapy as well as Behavioral Psychology at the undergraduate level. She is certified in the use of numerous assessments and instruments including the Caliper Profile™, HR Chally Instrument™, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™, and the Center for Creative Leadership’s Benchmarks™ Instrument and Corporate Development Group’s Culturetek™. She has developed a number of proprietary tools that can be used with family-owned businesses including Executive Dimensions™, The SuccessPrint™, and A Family Mosaic™. She is a Certified Wealth Partner through the Institute for Preparing Heirs.