Families face important, sometimes fraught topics

From complex decision-making, to unforeseen feelings,
to welcoming younger family members to the table for the first time.

With competency and care, we help family members strengthen relationships as they navigate a variety of complex challenges.

The Family Business In Transition
The Life Changing Windfall
The Anxious Founder

The Family Business In Transition

A multigenerational, family-owned business founded, owned, and operated by family members. It is successful and on the cusp of succession.

We help family business owners work through questions, such as:

  • How to balance roles and responsibilities within the family, business management, and corporate ownership?
  • How to find opportunities for the next generation within the family business?
  • How to prioritize learning and growing together?

The life changing windfall

A windfall inheritance from a late parent is life-changing. Yet it isn’t always straightforward and easy.

We help inheritors weigh unexpected burdens, such as:

  • The scope of our philanthropic giving can increase significantly — but how can it be most impactful? 
  • A surprisingly sudden onset of secrecy and isolation
  • Raising kids who are thoughtful, practical, and grateful around wealth 

The Anxious Founder

A successful business founder has made a fortune. Now what?

We help multigenerational families navigate unique challenges, such as:

  • How to share information with our children about family wealth, without negatively affecting their desire to work or contribute positively to society?
  • What information to share with children, and when, to encourage, inform, and empower
  • Thoughtful communication about estate planning choices and their implications
  • How can our family’s values inform our charitable giving and community engagement?
  • How to impart a story of business success that celebrates but doesn’t sugarcoat

What challenges does your family face?

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