We are built to partner with families.

Any family moving through a meaningful wealth transition can benefit from the guidance of our experienced advisors.

We customize every engagement for each family’s needs.

Family Education & Advising

Family advising is the heart of our work. It’s interactive, illuminating, and impactful for both small groups and large family gatherings.


We offer personalized coaching to families as well as individual family members.

Facilitation & Training

LK works closely with those who work closely with families, providing training, coaching, and consultation.

Milestone Event Workshops

Momentous life events can be both exciting and potentially overwhelming. We facilitate workshops to ensure these rites of passage remain opportunities for growth.

Our family engagements typically move in three phases.

1. Discovery

Our team learns from the family, getting to know individual family members.

2. Design

We collaborate to create a custom curriculum for the family.

3. Milestone Learning and Coaching

 Families build and strengthen skills through customized learning and coaching.

Our work serves families facing life’s biggest transitions.

Their challenges are at once unique and universal.

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