We exist to support and strengthen families.

We help families tackle hard things, live out their values, and thrive across generations.

Family is wonderful…and sometimes complicated.

Well-functioning families are the bedrock of a healthy, whole society.

Family relationships can fray and implode when important topics — among them, wealth transition, financial competency, and intergenerational planning — go unaddressed. 

Our Mission

Through experiential education, collaborative coaching, and expert facilitation, we help families and their individual members navigate important transitions, learn together, and live out their core values.

Our Vision

To instill, within families and across the culture, a commitment to character, communication, and connectedness in daily life.

Financial wealth is a blessing…and also, often, a burden

Money is important — but it’s not the whole story
Many of us experience money as complex, intimidating, and corrosive. Add long-standing social taboos around talking openly about money, and it’s a potentially toxic mix. But family fractures typically emerge from an inability to communicate well, a lack of trust, and a failure to prioritize working and learning together around important, sometimes complex topics. Wealth is a piece, but not the whole, of the puzzle.:

Transitions offer great opportunity…and complexity.

We know families struggle and often suffer as they move through big changes. 
But research shows us that successful family transitions share some things in common:

  • Total family involvement
  • An experiential learning process
  • Family-based skill-building:
  • Articulating shared values
  • Unifying behind a common mission
  • Family coaching to improve decision-making and surface important issues

We created LK Advisors to help families avoid conflicts and breakdowns through:

Our developmental-based, lifelong curriculum
Family-based experiential learning (in-person & virtual) 
Approaching life as a classroom
Developing knowledge, skills, and attitudes 
Financial education and thoughtful decision-making
Improved communication
Explicit values discernment
Effective collaboration
Parenting and family dynamics
Enhanced cohesion

Let us help your family navigate life’s biggest transitions.

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